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Unity General FAQ

1. How will we know when, where and even if specific artists will be signing autographs and selling merchandise?

It is totally up to the discretion of performers and artists if they will be available for public meetings and signings. The performers are under no obligation to participate in these types of activities. Historically most Unity artists do meet with the public in the merchandise tent after their time on stage. Because we have no idea if artists will or will not participate, there will be no advance announcement. If you are interested in meeting with a specific artist, go to the main merchandise tent after they have completed their time on stage and check with merchandise volunteers.

2. Are kids 5 and under still free?

Yes. Children five and under are free and do not need a ticket when entering the festival with a ticketed adult. They will receive a wristband at the Main gate when entering the venue.

3. Are coolers allowed at Unity?

Due to security and insurance rules, coolers are not allowed inside the festival grounds. We do allow small, personal, soft-sided insulated bags (Meijer bag sized, not Ikea). Bags are subject to inspection at any time. Even though coolers are not generally allowed, we hope it will not cause a major inconvenience. Our family-friendly prices are a crowd-pleaser and much easier than lugging your cooler around anyway.

4. How do I contact “Alive on the Lakeshore” Board members or Unity organizing committee members?

The best way to reach us is by emailing:

Call: 231-224-6034

5. How does my band apply to play at Unity?

The Talent Competition will not be held in 2024. Unity does not currently have artists openings available for 2024. Check back in the fall for details related to 2025. Each year we host a talent search competition for new bands. Details are typically posted on the website in late Fall or early Winter. Please check back at for details on how and where to apply.  Due to volume, the festival is not able to respond to emails, packages or links that are sent to us directly during the year.

6. Is there handicap seating and parking available at Unity?

We have developed a special Unity Festival Handicap Parking and Access policy to help communicate our commitment to serving the special needs of Unity guests.

7. What time do the gates open / when will I be able to get into the festival?

Wednesday gates open at 4:00 p.m.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday gates open at 1:00 p.m.

8. How do I know who is performing at Unity this year? I read listings on the website and on apps like Bands In Town … are those “official”?

The information on the Bands In Town app and on and other third-party websites are sometimes out-of-date and even completely erroneous.  For up-to-date information on who is performing at the festival, please check out our event schedule pages

9. Are cameras allowed at Unity?

Our agreements with the artists and their management restricts the types of allowed cameras on the grounds. Only small, snapshot type cameras are allowed on the grounds. Any commercial cameras or cameras with interchangeable lenses will not be allowed on the festival grounds.

Legitimate media representatives or commercial photographers must apply and obtain credentials BEFORE the event by contacting the media and marketing coordinator.

When entering Unity Christian Music Festival you are entering a venue where still images, sound and moving images will be captured.

By entering this Unity Christian Music Festival, you consent to having your image, video or audio captured, stored, edited and used to create derivative works by event staff, vendors and volunteers. The resulting materials and any derivatives of these materials may be used now and in the future by Alive on the Lakeshore, Unity Christian Music Festival and Unity Christian Events without restriction or financial compensation on the web, in social media, in traditional media, in print and transmitted via airwaves. The use of the material may include but not be limited to security, promotion and other purposes. All guests, volunteers, vendors, ticket holders and others on site waive their rights and license to any of this imagery. People not willing to submit to this release, should not enter the festival grounds.

10. What is the Unity Christian Music Festival?

The Unity Christian Music Festival is a four day festival, focused on the best in Christian music, but also including great food, fellowship and family fun!  In addition to our three full days, Unity also includes a full night of totally free concerts during our Day Zero pre-event the Wednesday before the festival.

11. Why was the Unity Festival started?

The festival was started to bring Christians together for public praise, worship and fellowship; to provide a wholesome, family valued entertainment alternative and to raise funds and recruit volunteers for area Christian ministries.

12. Who puts the Unity Festival together?

The Festival is presented by Alive on the Lakeshore, a Muskegon based non-profit (501c3), who want to present wholesome, Christ centered, family valued entertainment options in West Michigan.

13. Will there be seats or chairs? Or do we need to bring our own blankets and chairs?

There are no chairs or seats provided in the main concert stage areas – However, you are free to bring your own lawn chairs or blankets to sit on during the events! Please review out seating policy for additional information: Seating Policy

14. Is there camping at Unity Christian Music Festival?

There is no on site camping space available but there are multiple options in Muskegon and surrounding area for camping. For more options visit our lodging/ camping page.

15. Are pets allowed at Unity Christian Music Festival?

Per Muskegon County Park rules, only Service Dogs are allowed on the Landing (Home of Unity Christian Music Festival).

16. Are wagons and carts allowed at Unity Christian Music Festival?

Because of limited space in the concert area wagons and carts are not allowed to be used or stored inside the main concert area.  You can still use your cart / wagon to transport your kids, blankets, chairs, etc. to your seating area but it must then be moved back to your car or our designated cart corral.  Foldable carts/wagons can be left under your seats in the concert area.   Unity will provide an unmanned/unsupervised cart corral near the entrance gate.  Watch for signs as you enter Heritage Landing or ask any usher for directions.

17.  Are there any official third-party ticket purchasing options?

If you purchase tickets using any method other than from an official Unity source such as the Unity website or directly through iTickets, the purchase is at your own risk. We know that purchasing from a reseller could be tempting (in an effort to help someone with unused tickets) but we want you to be aware of the potential risks.

If you decide to do this, only purchase from someone you know personally and trust.

We know that from time-to-time people will have a change of plans and not be able to use their tickets. People can feel free to sell their tickets to others, but buyers need to be aware of a couple of very important points.

As an original purchaser of an electronic ticket, you have great benefits. We can easily re-issue your tickets by email, by logging in to iTickets, or by visiting our box office on-site. If you purchase tickets through a third party, there is no way we can help you recover lost or destroyed tickets.

Also, it is important to note that a print ticket or electronic ticket on its own is not your entry into the event. It is the scan code on the ticket that allows entry. If someone sends you a file with a code and that code is used by the original purchaser or if the code is sold to multiple people it will not work at the gate.

Unfortunately over the past few years, more people come to our events with tickets that are fake and not valid for entry.

Keep in mind that only official tickets with official/legitimate scan codes will admit you to Unity. In the age of easy digital manipulation, be sure you know the people providing you with tickets and know that your only recourse for any tickets purchased from resellers would be through the resellers and very often they are completely unresponsive.

We want you to get what you pay for and be able to join us at Unity!  For official tickets, go to and use the ticket link at the top of the page.

18. No weapons are allowed on the Unity Festival grounds


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Each year, over 700 volunteers are needed to make the festival a success and we are truly thankful for each and every person!  Your willingness to volunteer at Unity will help touch the lives of others.  Fill out your application now.

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