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Our Volunteer positions are now full! Please check back here for information about volunteering for Unity 2019!


Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer for Unity Christian Music Festival. Below you will read about our heart for volunteers. We can not exist as a ministry without the help of so many! We thank you in advance for joining us to lift high the name of Christ in West Michigan. If you do choose to be a part of Unity 2018 remember that we provide you with a (1) volunteer T-Shirt, a (1) free concert admission for each individual day you work and a (1) parking pass per family per day worked.

Key Verse: Pslams 66: 1-2 ” Shout for joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of His name, make His praise glorious!”

Key Value:  We can best serve Christ by serving others He places in our path.

Key Truths:  A spirit of true service is a great witness for Christ and what we desire to reflect during the Unity Festival. Many thousands will come to our event, at different places in their spiritual journey, but all needing to experience the love of Christ, to know the joy of His forgiveness and grace, and to see an example of how Christ can change a life.

While we have always had hundreds of volunteers, we believe that the most accurate name for each of us is Servant and so we plan to emphasize this in many ways this year.

Our hope is that everyone’s experience can be enhanced by making a conscious commitment to be Servants and not just volunteer workers. To that end, we are asking each volunteer to take the added step of pledging to be the best servant they can be, in whatever job they are doing.

The Pledge: Seeking to glorify God, honor his Son Jesus and bring others closer to Him, I pledge myself to take on the heart, attitude and actions of a Servant while working at Unity. I will strive to follow Christ’s example (Philippians 2) and humble myself, seek to help others in a loving way, respond to problems with kindness and patience, look for ways to encourage both our guests and my fellow servants and to pray for the Holy Spirit to be the keeper of my spirit, words and actions throughout the festival.

I will commit to following the servant leadership that is in place for my assigned area, contributing but not complaining, seeking to be a blessing by cooperating and giving my best effort to carry out my duties in a positive and excellent manner.

I will place the needs of others before my own and carefully consider how I can truly show the love of Christ to each person through the way that I do my work.


Unity 2018


Each year, over 700 volunteers are needed to make the festival a success and we are truly thankful for each and every person!  Your willingness to volunteer at Unity will help touch the lives of others.  Fill out your application now.

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