Seating Options

Seating Policy

We have a chair policy in order for all guests to have a place to sit and enjoy views from every spot in the field. The policy is that standard sized, single person upright  chairs will be allowed.

Blankets: Blankets can be used for seating, but please be courteous of other guests by not saving larger-than-needed space. Blanket space should not be larger  than the space needed for a chair for the same number of persons. Our ushers may ask you to fold a blanket to a smaller size.

Tarps: Tarps may not be used as blanket. They may be used underneath a blanket to keep the blanket dry and may be used in case of rain to cover guest items.

Tents: Tents, canopies, and other similar items are not allowed. Exceptions may be made for small infant/toddler shade covers (taking no more space than a chair).

Wagons: Because of limited space in the concert area wagons and carts are not allowed to be used or stored inside the main gate area. You can still use your cart/ wagon to transport your kids, blankets, chairs, etc to your seating area, but it must be moved back to your car or our designated cart corral. Foldable carts/wagons can be left under your seats in the concert area. Unity will provide an unmanned/unsupervised cart corral near the entrance gate. Watch for signs as you enter Heritage Landing or ask any usher for directions.


Each year, over 700 volunteers are needed to make the festival a success and we are truly thankful for each and every person!  Your willingness to volunteer at Unity will help touch the lives of others.  Fill out your application now.

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