Bryan Terrell – Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2024

Bryan Terrell

Appearing on Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2024 – Wednesday, August 7, 2024


Bryan Terrell is a Christian rapper known for his impactful and inspiring music. His unique ability to lyricize powerful messages over melodious beats has gained him listeners and supporters across the world.

Born and raised in Pompano Beach, FL. Bryan developed a love for music at a young age and Gospel music was where it all began. Quite often, his mother could be heard playing the likes of John P. Kee and the Clark Sisters throughout the house. Eventually, he would dabble into Hip-Hop and instantly be intrigued as he heard 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” for the first time. In his teens, Bryan competed as an amateur boxer and relied heavily on music for motivation. There was nothing like a playlist full of his favorite rappers to get him in the zone before a match. Later, he would discover Lecrae, The Ambassador, Dre Murray and the world of Christian Hip Hop. This changed everything. Who knew there existed a sound that was bass-heavy and full of energy but the focal point was to Glorify Jesus?

After graduating high school, Bryan pursued a career in music alongside his brother. The two formed the duo Y.U.C.K. (Young Uncrowned Kings). Their music gained popularity on YouTube and social media, but it did not glorify God in the least bit. Their focus was solely on materialistic desires like money, fame, and worldly pleasures. Fortunately, their lives changed when they had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. Bryan went on to release his first EP as a Christian rapper but would then go on a seven-year hiatus from recording. Amidst other ventures, the Lord would often remind Bryan of a time He told him He would use his music to reach souls for Jesus. In 2020, Bryan took action and started pursuing this calling, diving back into writing music. Then, in 2021, Bryan made a strong entrance onto the Christian hip hop scene with his debut single “Statement,” which gained significant traction and received airplay on various media platforms. Building on this success, Bryan released his independent album “Perfect Timing” in 2022. Listeners have been sharing their testimonies about the album’s profound impact and how it deeply resonated with their souls.

Bryan’s goal is simple: to honor God through his gift. He plans to continue growing in his relationship with Christ and his artistry as inspires others to emulate Jesus in their lives.


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