Unity 2021 Christian Music Festival Ticketing Information

2021 Unity Tickets – Kids 5 and Under are FREE!

All 2020 tickets are automatically valid for the 2021 event.

2021 tickets are expected to go on sale fall of 2020.

All sales final.  No refunds or exchanges.  Rain or shine.

2021 Reserved Seating – Reserved seating is sold out for 2021.

Unity Family Memberships – 2021 Family Memberships are sold out.
Check back fall of 2021 for information about 2022 Family Memberships.

All sales final.  No refunds or exchanges.  Rain or shine.

In the event of cancellations or delays due to non-festival controlled factors, such as natural disasters, severe weather, health or disease situations, terrorist acts or threats or any government ordered cancellation or delay, Unity festival will honor all presold tickets for future events (or for the next scheduled festival).  Refunds will not be issued for these situations.

Warning about third-party ticket sales:

If you purchase tickets using any method other than from an official Unity source such as the Unity website (here) or directly through Eventbrite, the purchase is at your own risk. We know that purchasing from a reseller could be tempting (in an effort to help someone with unused tickets) but we want you to be aware of the potential risks. If you decide to do this, only purchase from someone you know personally and trust.

We know that from time-to-time people will have a change of plans and not be able to use their tickets. People can feel free to sell their tickets to others, but buyers need to be aware of a couple of very important points.

As an original purchaser of an electronic ticket you have great benefits. We can easily re-issue your tickets by email, by logging in to Eventbrite or by visiting our box office on-site. If you purchase tickets through a third-party, there is no way we can help you recover lost or destroyed tickets.

Also, it is important to note that a print ticket or electronic ticket on its own is not your entry into the event. It is the scan code on the ticket that allows entry. If someone sends you a file with a code and that code is used by the original purchaser or if the code is sold to multiple people it will not work at the gate.

Keep in mind that only official tickets with official / legitimate scan codes will admit you in the gate. In the age of easy digital manipulation, be sure you know the people providing you with tickets and know that your only recourse for any tickets purchased from resellers would be through the resellers.


Each year, over 700 volunteers are needed to make the festival a success and we are truly thankful for each and every person!  Your willingness to volunteer at Unity will help touch the lives of others.  Fill out your application now.

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