CAIN – Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2021


and then there’s preacher’s-kids-growing-up-in-Alabama, sharing-one-room-all-their-lives, touring-as-a-family-band-harmony. And you know it when you hear it. CAIN – made up of siblings Madison Cain Johnson, Taylor Cain Matz and Logan Cain – has discovered what it’s like to live their calling while doing their favorite thing, singing about Jesus.
The band’s first single, “Rise Up (Lazarus)” went No.1 at Christian radio and for good reason. Its country-leaning, worship-fueled, family-magic-harmonies have the listener singing along half-way through the first chorus. “There’s freedom that’s been made available to us,” Logan shares, “but we have to choose to walk in it. The voice of Jesus calls us like Lazarus from the grave.” The response to the song has, according to the band, been the most fulfilling thing they’ve experienced since doing music full-time. “People taking ownership of this song, hearing stories of true miracles, it’s my favorite thing about music and my life to this point,” says Logan. “Yes He Can,” a smile in a pop song, might be the truest to who CAIN is, both as a band and as individuals. It’s a full-flung belief in a God who’s done it and can do it again. It’s a yes to everything the band has been through and everything they hope to accomplish. The accompanying video, conceptualized and styled by the band, is the song brought to life, a cheering on of people in everyday situations who need encouragement to take the next step.
It’s perhaps the overarching theme for CAIN – bright belief in a God who can do anything for you, who wants to do it, who has done it. “Mountains come in all types of sizes,” Logan says. “God still cares about your mountain no matter how big or small it is.”
For Madison, Taylor and Logan, finding deep-down joy has transformed their life, covered them in a constant blessing. Even launching their career in a pandemic couldn’t dampen their spirits, as told in their song “I’m So Blessed.” “We had eighty shows cancel in 2020,” Madison says, “and it became kind of sarcastic – I’m so blessed. But for us, we say it in faith. You don’t have to be having the best day of your life to be blessed.”
Listeners will certainly be blessed by Rise Up, an album of hard-won hope that radiates the kind of eternal happiness only found in the goodness of God.


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