Beacon Light – Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2021

Beacon Light

Appearing on Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2021 – Thursday, August 12, 2021 and throughout the festival as Host/MC


What do you get when you mix a suburban kid with an urban school in a city submerged with churches, clubs, and Hip-Hop? Beacon Light.

Beacon Light, born Brandon Clahassey, is a trail blazing rap artist from Grand Rapids, MI. He has performed alongside Grammy-winner Lecrae, Andy Mineo, George Moss and many more. Alongside his traveling ministry he serves as a worship leader with The Edge, a Hip-Hop church in Grand Rapids.

Beacon is a very versatile artist who can take his audience on a journey through a high-energy, “hands in the air concert” and finish in intimate worship. In addition to music, he has Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies and always seeks to leave the crowd with a life changing message.

“Hip-Hop is one of the most blatant genres around,” says Beacon, “Artists blatantly boast about partying, drugs, and violence. I blatantly boast about Jesus and I hope to inspire others to do the same.”

From the moment Beacon cried out to God, halfway through his sophomore year in college,  he felt Him working in his life to change, and heal, his heart and the wounds from his past. He decided to go to Grace Bible College. After deciding to major in Biblical studies (B.S. 2009), Beacon was introduced to Lecrae’s music and realized that his own musical and writing gifts could be used to lead people to the healing found in Christ.

In 2007, he began writing, recording, and performing songs. His goal is to bring people to the light of Christ. He notes, “Popular culture constantly tells young people that material possessions, drinking, and sex, are the way to happiness. But they only temporarily numb the pain. Life with Christ is incomparable; nowhere else can you find true love, peace, comfort and strength.”


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