Abby Robertson – Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2021

Abby Robertson

Appearing on Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2014 – Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Nashville-based singer/songwriter Abby Robertson has a lot to be proud of in her music career so far. She’s opened for bands like The Beach Boys and Switchfoot. She’s performed at international music festivals in Israel, Malta and Ethiopia. She’s released pop songs and even had a stint in country music—all before reaching the age of 21. But if you ask Abby what her proudest career moment is so far, it’s not the big accomplishments, but the moments she’s been able to be her authentic self with her music and on stage.

Being raw and real is not any easy task, especially for a female recording artist navigating the cultural landscape of social media and photoshop. Abby’s journey to self-acceptance began with and is marked by both music and faith. When she was just a baby, Abby’s mom felt the Lord say, “This little hand will hold a microphone in front of thousands.” This prophetic word would soon come to light. When she was 10, a college worship band, impressed by Abby’s vocals, asked her to sing with them. By 13, she had entered the world of country music, which was when Abby noticed God working in her life in a new way. “God honestly just started working on my heart, working on me as a person, and growing me – and then Christian music opened up,” she recalls.

Listeners will find in Abby’s songs—an honest voice, unafraid of telling the truth and pointing others toward it. As she says, “I’m a human, and I’m going through it, and I love Jesus, and that’s what gets me through.” She is able to share her work with a broad audience, using her platform for hope, encouragement and truth, waiting to be used by God. And she has gladly put the future of her career in his hands.“ If you’re available, God will use you,” she says. “Where God wants me, I’m going to go.”

Abby released her debut single, Sanctuary, on February 12th 2021.


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