Good Little Giants – Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2019

Good Little Giants

Appearing on Unity Main Stage Presented by Country Dairy – 2019 – Friday, August 9, 2019

After a decade on the road as an indie singer/songwriter out of Nashville, Scott Phillips was burnt out and vowed to never again do music alone. So began his three year hiatus from full-time music – until guitarist/singer Shane Maze invited him to collaborate on some small local shows. Having played 150 shows a year since he was a toddler in a family bluegrass band, Maze was no foreigner to life on the road and stage. Missing his musical outlet and eager to play again, Phillips agreed to give it another shot. Within a couple of informal practice sessions, they knew something special was taking shape. Soon after their first sessions, Good Little Giants was born.

Phillips is an accomplished acoustic fingerpicker and has been a songwriter for Sony/BMG (Brentwood Benson) out of Nashville. He’s the obvious elder of the group by almost a decade, and he’s convinced his three sons are the coolest and smartest kids ever born.

Maze can play just about any instrument he picks up – guitar, banjo, dobro, piano, and more. And along with an audio engineering degree, he also minored in saxophone in college. We don’t speak much about the saxophone part (or the camouflage Crocs he wears religiously), but his awesome wife Brittany more than makes up for his dorky deficiencies.

Add to that the instrumental talents of drummer David Brotzman and upright bassist Jeff Bouck, and GLG makes for a delightful audio experience. Their first full-length release is an ear-tickler – “It’s An Ocean!,” co-produced by Maze and Phillips with surfer and musical virtuoso Dave Matsumura from San Jose, CA.


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