Art n Soul Art Event at Unity

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Passive Smile 2Join Tony Goodwin at Unity 2016 as you discover the Master’s design on your canvas.  Participants will take two hours to paint one of three designs under the guidance of an accomplished artist as you learn the truths of our loving God.

This is a great activity on your own or with a group of friends or family.

The cost for this 2-hour session is just $25 (in addition to your Unity ticket).  Space is limited to just 24 per session.  Be sure to reserve your slot in the event by registering now online.  On-site registration will only be available if space allows.

Art n Soul participants will need to register for this event and a regular Unity ticket.

    When the Wind Blows    Pear on a Table

More information about Art n Soul at Unity 2016:

This is a “faith” journey that you are about to take; not faith in yourself but faith in your instructor to see you to the other side of through. Trust your instructor. He is “The Master.” You are a creative being, created by a creative God in the likeness of Him to be creative. He has placed a special design on your canvas to work out. He has a vested interest in you doing well. You are to be His ambassador of His design to your world.

The Instructor understands your fear and sense of unable-ness however His desire is to guide through this journey step by step, moment by moment. Put aside your concerns and put your confidence in Him. His design is strong enough to triumph over your weakest attempt. He has your back and will be committed to your success the entire time.

You are uniquely gifted. Do not compare your abilities to anyone else through this journey. Everyone’s “brush stroke” is as different and their fingerprints. You should refer to what the Instructor has done in the past and earnestly seek what He is doing presently. Listen to Him closely, intently following His instructions.  Stay at pace with your Instructor. He will never ask you to do something that you are unable to do. Do not lag behind because your spending time on something He doesn’t feel is necessary. Don’t jump ahead of Him because you feel you already know where He’s going, either. You may miss something crucial. Embrace the dark and boring moments as much as the layers of color being added. The dark times help build a firm foundation for what is to come.

Finally, grow in patience, discipline, looking at things more accurately, making better observations. Do your best to follow His instructions, pressing through the dark times while always leaving room for the Light. Develop the ability to see with the Master’s eye.


Each year, over 700 volunteers are needed to make the festival a success and we are truly thankful for each and every person!  Your willingness to volunteer at Unity will help touch the lives of others.  Fill out your application now.

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